Premium TIG Welding Gloves

Made from premium, grade-A buffalo leather, the DEWALT TIG Welding Gloves are fire resistant and peferct for metal fabrication and TIG welding.
The DEWALT DXMF03051 TIG Welding Gloves are built for industry-leading dexterity coupled with uncompromising protection and exceptional durability in a single, comfortable to wear glove. To provide you with the ultimate in dexterity and heat protection these gloves are made with a combination of fire-resistant, yet breathable, fabric on the cuff and back of the hand, grade-A buffalo leather across the palm and finger-tips, and all held together with durable Kevlar® threading. The buffalo leather base of the palm is reinforced with additional layers on high-abrasion locations along the palm, thumb saddle, and a drag patch along the side of the hand for a truly long wearing glove. To help better control welds the index finger is designed to be seamless for smooth electrode manipulation. The long, gauntlet-style cuffs are hook-and-loop adjustable for a custom forearm fit over or under other protective gear like fire-resistant sleeves and welder's jackets and the elastic sewn wrists provide you with a snug fit that is easy to put on and remove while staying securely in place while you work.

  • Protects from open flame, sparks, slag, and spall
  • Specially designed for TIG welding
  • Abrasion resistant without sacrificing dexterity
  • S, M, L, XL, XXL XXXL
More Information
Weight 0.4130
Package Length 15
Package Width 1
Package Height 6
Palm Width in Inches

Small Size is
2 5/8" - 3 1/8"

Medium Size is
3 1/8" - 3 1/2"

Large Size is
3 1/2" - 3 15/16"

XL Size is
3 15/16" - 4 7/16""

2XL Size is
4 7/16" - 4 13/16"

3XL Size is
4 13/16" +